We’re here to stay until we’ve finished the work we came to do.

That’s our message to anyone who wants to listen. The larger forms of life tend not to be great listeners.

In our last dispatch we expressed cautious optimism about our campaign, but since that time our declining numbers have been of concern to us.  The “curve,” as they call it is bending and it seemed our activities could be contained.

However, there are now very hopeful signs. The only protection that humans have against us are science and health care and, surprisingly, around the planet once again many humans are not listening. Indeed, some of them are protesting against the very things that might save them. One of their doctors referred to the paradox in this interview:

The human species is a strange one. Some of our historians are attempting to analyze this behaviour and propose that insurrection in some areas has increased since something called “Civics” is no longer taught in their schools.

No worries. We’re here to stay and they will have to learn a respectful way to deal with us. And perhaps each other.

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3 thoughts on “NOT GOING AWAY

  1. Sorry Carol I have had a stroke, a horrible experience I will send you a proper msg soon I hope. Love to you Alison, Alex and Charlotte . xxx and to all my BC friends.!


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