The Bottom Falling Out

A few afternoons ago, I decided to sit down with my book and a glass of wine. And then, thinking that this may be a time to be more than usually disciplined, I poured myself a glass of clamato juice instead. As I was about to sit down, I saw streams of red trickling from the bottom of the glass and when I lifted it, the clamato juice flowed freely. The bottom fell out! The glass had split at the base, a clean break, and I was holding only the empty top half. I’d not seen that happen before.

After I cleaned the table and carpet, I decided to check online to see how my small portfolio was doing. The picture seemed very similar there.

The really weird thing is that the next evening, when I removed the small casserole I had baked in a clay and ceramic pot I have used for years, the bottom fell out of it as well, spreading beans and potatoes all over the kitchen counter.

The message was clear. I should not be checking my investments portfolio but, instead, focusing on other things. This is what I decided for myself:

·        It’s time to stay in close touch with loved ones. Even when self-isolating I can send emails, texts, and have phone conversations.

·        I can appreciate and thank all the people who are carrying on with their work staffing hospitals and other community services, cleaning homes, delivering mail, picking up garbage, and myriad other jobs that I sometimes forget to notice.

·        I can take the time to thank and continue to thank our governments –local, provincial and federal – and our medical practitioners and health professionals for the great job they are doing under extremely stressful conditions.

·        Since I find myself stuck at home for the next few weeks, I can take up the activities I often neglect because I don’t think I have time for them: playing the piano, reading, keeping a journal, exercising, sketching, birdwatching.

The bottom may fall out of my portfolio, but it’s only money. I can recover. And, if I keep doing all those things on my list, perhaps the bottom hasn’t fallen out of the cornucopia of potential activities. There are many good things to pursue.

There’s not use crying over spilt clamato juice. I will settle now for a glass of wine. And get back to my book.



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