Lab Dispatch ABCV2020xv7v3

Our work continues to build steadily and we are pleased to report on the successes of our new generation, our colourful Covid Youth Squad, Omicron.

Proud as we are of our history as the oldest life form on Planet Earth, we are especially chuffed to see what the Omicron generation is doing. Nimble and quick, these young ones can spread much faster than previous generations, successfully evading the protective measures designed by some clever humans. What they lack in strength, they make up in speediness.

The human life-form has been quick with research and development, putting up a strong resistance with the majority of them acquiring two or three doses of vaccinations wherever they are available, yet plenty of  humans continue to refuse medical intervention. As mentioned in previous reports they are not, for the most part, an intelligent species. Some of them apparently do not believe we are real or at least not a real threat, often proposing that they have more to fear from their scientists and elected officials and health professionals than from us. Some of these creatures do become sick, of course, and then they take advantage of medical resources, but that does not seem to have any effect on their cohort. Even the rising number of deaths does not change their behaviour. This response, while greatly to our benefit, is puzzling.

Even more puzzling is the response of some seemingly sensible humans who made a point of acquiring three levels of vaccination and yet now take many risks because of their continuing addiction to travel. As soon as travel bans are lifted, many of them immediately jump on planes and travel to places where we are very active. They seem to believe that, having had what they refer to as three “jabs,” they are invulnerable, forgetting that they can still catch, spread and shed us. They seem unaware that our Youth Squad is determined and unshakable!

On the planet, there have now been over three hundred and twenty-five million cases reported and over five and a half million deaths from Covid. And we have not yet completed our work. But more humans seem to becoming aware that this is a global issue which will not be solved without increasing access to vaccines and health care services to poorer countries. Their progress on this front could reduce our success.

In conclusion, as we have said, humans constitute no threat to us. We’ve been around a lot longer than they have. It would be good to be rid of some of them, but they are an interesting species and, like us, may be capable of adaptation. Our goal is to make optimal use of our hosts and their environment. Let us hope that a time is coming when there will be a flourishing of diversity on the planet which will include various populations of people, plants, trees, and all animals and sea creatures. Maybe then there will be an appreciation of very beautiful and tiny —  almost invisible — beings like ourselves.

Our younger generation, though not large, contains multitudes and is various. They make us recall the words one remarkable human used to describe one of their human queens called Cleopatra:

Age cannot wither nor custom fade/Their infinite variety.

The same words could apply to the new generation of humans. They constitute a variant which may create an interesting evolution of their species. These young humans recognize that everyone and everything is connected and that we are here to stay.

It is clear that change will continue, and the future is unpredictable.

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One thought on “Lab Dispatch ABCV2020xv7v3

  1. I’m awed by all you’ve accomplished, by your imagination, and your boundless skills. It’s barely a surprise that you’ve now managed to entertain us, even as you impart sober information crucial for we humans to heed.


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