Where to start?

We’ve gone straight from pandemic to apocalypse,” my niece says.

“When will the locusts arrive?” asks my daughter.

It’s not a joke. Last year the locusts swarmed in record numbers in parts of Africa and South Asia, destroying huge hectares of pasture land and causing increased food shortages in countries already challenged by Covid-19. People in those countries used to eat locusts which are high in protein and other nutrients but recently, despite these people desperately needing access to food, governments have advised them not to eat the locusts because the chemicals in the insecticides that are used to control the insects make them toxic.

These days, every crisis seems to occur within or alongside other crises. I live in a pretty comfortable part of the world, one that some people refer to as Lotus Land. But now, aside from the pandemic and the record-breaking heat from the “heat dome” which created temperatures 15 to 20 years above normal, we’re having to face the fact that where we live is far from idyllic for a great many people for many reasons.

What remains at the forefront of my thinking is the shameful treatment of the indigenous people on whose lands we live. But so much needs to be acknowledged and addressed, and it feels difficult within the current environment of concurrent crises. I can’t get my head around it.

So much all at once. Covid. Heat waves. Forest fires. The town of Lytton destroyed by fires. Statues torn down. Totem poles set alight alongside racist graffiti. An ocean on fire from pipeline damage in the Gulf of Mexico. Anti-Asian racism. Islamaphobic attacks. The Delta variant. The anti-vaxxers. Homelessness. Poverty.Anger. Hatred. Cynicism. Despair.

Where does it end?

More important, where can we start to deal with all this? I was encouraged as I viewed the first of the 8-session webinar series called Bringing Our Children Home: https://reconciliationcanada.ca/bringing-our-children/  These webinars are well worth watching and the next one is on Tuesday, July 6th. Candy Palmater, host of the Candy Show, moderates the discussions with a panel of experts including Reconciliation Canada Ambassador Chief Dr. Robert Joseph, and CEO Karen Joseph and others..

I found the wisdom, stories and thoughtful approaches of the speakers to be grounding and inspiring. For me, they offered a place from which to start.

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