Teamwork and Tactics

In my work as an academic administrator I generally avoided sports metaphors. I didn’t think of my work as a game, and so I didn’t think it was about teams, winning or losing, and so on. But when you work closely with a group of colleagues, the concept of teamwork does become important. And ethical, respectful treatment of one’s co-workers is essential.

It used to be considered unethical for people conducting research to record the words of others without having written consent of those other parties. It was considered highly unethical to tape a conversation without the other being aware of it. I know times have changed, but have they changed to that extent?

And if it were a trusted colleague who was secretly recording your words, someone you trusted and whom you thought was on the same team as you? Well, the word “unconscionable” does spring to mind.

The case of the former A-G presenting such a tape recording as evidence of her being bullied has alarmed me for a few reasons.

First, how could she, in all conscience, do such a thing?

Second, if she would record one conversation, how many others might she have recorded? Had she taped conversations with Butts and Trudeau but been unable to get them to say what she wanted? We’ll never know.

Third, what did she think the recording proved? It offered no new information. Both parties just said what they’d already said — except that one person was speaking tactically and the other was responding candidly.


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